Why didn’t I think of that?

Wednesday, 06-10-2015

Every so often an item appears on the market that meets a consumer need no-one knew they had, but when it becomes available, everyone wonders how they lived without it. Sticky, yellow notes on paperwork are a prime example, along with baby car seats that attach to prams. Simple concepts, which make users lives so much easier. No more hunting for that page in a book in the middle of a work presentation, and no more grumpy babies woken up when transferring  from car to pram.


The Index Flexico Group’s ‘Smart Roller’ invokes the same reaction in retailers. A shelf management system which uses natural gravity and clever design to reduce labour costs, improve stock display aesthetics and ultimately increase sales. In simple terms, the ‘Smart Roller’ works by storing items on an angled shelf, manufactured from materials which are durable and conducive to ensuring that when the front item is removed by a customer, the one behind it slides into place at the front of the shelf. Not only is the stock display looking tidy and inviting, there is also no need to manually move stock forward. If consumers can see your product, they are more likely to buy it. An assortment of accessories, including dividers and front retainer, can be positioned according to the individual product on display and be etched if required. The ‘Smart Roller’ is ideal for displays of bottles, tins and can be used in fridges; making it the perfect solution for fizzy drinks, bottles of milk,  tinned soup/ vegetables, bottled detergents and spray products, etc.


A world where every time you take an item off the shop shelf, a replacement automatically slides into its place; where you never have to rummage around at the back of the shelf for the last can of your favourite fizzy pop, will be as normal as finding yellow, sticky notes left all over your work desk thanks to Flexico’s ‘Smart Roller’.

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