Whats the Point of Point of Sale

What’s the Point of Point of Sale?

Wednesday, 06-10-2015

Over the years, there has been much research done to analyse shoppers’ habits, even going so far as to track eye movement as customers walk around shops. Even if we discount that research, we know from our own shopping trips that the right POS material can influence us to make purchases; sometimes a mere brand swap, but also major impulse buys. As a retailer, or a manufacturer supplying to a retailer, it is important to capture the consumer’s attention and inspire them to buy your selected product.


Consider your high traffic areas and take full advantage of them. By positioning your goods in a well-stocked display and clearly showing the price, you will gain the customer’s attention and encourage them to select the item.


Don’t inundate consumers with information, and consider the size and colour of the font used; red is eye-catching and evokes stronger emotions, so it is not surprisingly the most popular choice. Where possible keep to similar size font, as customers wearing spectacles can find dramatic changes frustrating.


Whilst there is a definite place for overhead marketing material, the adage ‘eye-level is buy level’ holds firm with consumers. Don’t overwhelm your customers with so many messages that they become ‘sign blind’ and switch off, or confused by the information they are seeing.


How about giving some thought to where you have a captive audience? For example, the checkout queues are an excellent opportunity to inform your customers of upcoming offers or tempt them to make a last minute luxury impulse purchase.


Index Flexico Group stocks a huge range of POS materials, and we understand retailers’ needs, so if you would like further details or a quotation, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01256 843 844 or Email: sales@indexplastics.co.uk

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