what should pos acc achieve

What should POS Accessories Achieve?

Wednesday, 06-10-2015

The primary role of POS accessories is to draw attention to your products, whether it is via promotional material to highlight a reduction in price, announce a new product, or simply boost sales figures, or improved product display; if merchandise can’t be seen, it won’t be sold.


At Index Flexico, we divide our range of POS and Merchandising Accessories into five categories: display, present, build, label and suspend. By displaying your promotional material or products in the best way, you can effectively maximise your sales, and our range of poster frames, information boards, free standing acrylic dispensers and wobblers are just an example of how we can help you do that. To increase awareness of your products, the presentation of your sales message is very important, and our range of presentation material will ensure your message is visible, correctly positioned and attractive. Our build range, which includes tickets, hooks, hang tabs, rings, clips and magnets is a one stop solution to designers and shop fitters looking to present items in a cost effective, sales-orientated fashion. Whether it is product or shelf edge labelling, our labelling products can aid you to provide clear pricing and relevant information to your customers, and our hanging range will allow you to maximise your in-store space, and display more products and promotional material.


Your customers need to be able to find what they are looking for, be tempted to try new products, take advantage of current promotions and encouraged to turn browsing into purchasing. POS and Merchandising Accessories play a key role in that process, and if our POS is invisible and only your product can be seen- we’ve got it right.

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