Top 5 Point of Sale Display Ideas for Your Retail Store

Thursday, 06-30-2016

The point of sale display is relevant to marketing different products; it boosts sales by prompting impulsive purchases from customers. So, out of the different kinds of point of sale display accessories, which ones should you consider? Take a look at the top 5 point of sale display ideas:


1. Banner

A banner is an effective POS accessory for marketing a specific product for a particular target market. Easily attracting the attention of the customers due to its size, it can also be easily installed and replaced. If you have special promos for a certain product, you can also convey them to your customers using banners.

2. Shelf Wobblers

Shelf wobblers are available in different shapes and sizes. Like banners, they are also used to display promotional messages for a specific product. This point of sale display accessory stands out, which makes it effective; plus it is cheap, effective and easy to apply.

3. Countertop Point of Sale Display



Commonly placed near the counter to encourage customers to buy more items while waiting in line, the countertop point of sale display can make your products look more organised. It is usually made for a specific product or manufacturer.








4. Cardboard Display




If your retail items are too big or too many to fit in your countertop display, you can arrange them in a cardboard standing display. Allowing you to organise more retail items in less space, the cardboard display can also boost sales because of its stand-out design and presentation.




5. Standing Display




The standing display is a popular point of sale alternative for high value and fast-moving stock items. As a standout display, your promotional message will be more noticeable. It can also add interest to your regular retail shelving.

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